Aus dem Tagebuch der Englandfahrer

In jedem Schuljahr können interessierte Schülerinnen und Schüler mit Lehrern der Frenzelschule nach Broadstairs in England fahren. Hier mal ein typischer Wochenablauf - natürlich in englisch ...

Our week in England
On May the 17th at 6 am 39 students from the classes V8, V9 and Z10 and two teachers left Kaufbeuren on a one week’s journey to England. Some of the students had huge siutcases as if they had wanted to stay for ever ;-) Luckily there was enough space on the coach. The journey to Calais, where we took the ferry, lasted for almost 12 hours – breaks included. The ferry crossing was fun – for most of us it was the first time on such a boat. We reached Broadstairs earlier than the KSE had expected, so Walter, our bus driver took us on a short sightseeing tour through the town. The waiting for our host families seemed to be endless, but finally everyone was picked up and happy to have a good night’s sleep after an exciting and exhausting day.
POI in Broadstairs: Hier mussten sich alle zurecht finden lernen
POI in Broadstairs: Hier mussten sich alle zurecht finden lernen
Our first day
In the morning each of us had to walk to the KSE where we were divided in groups and wrote our placement test – in order to find out what level our knowledge of English was. At lunch time we had something to eat in town – either a piece of pizza, a baguette, a burger or even the typical fish&chips. In the afternoon then, there was our first activity – the Observation Quiz. We could find out a lot of details about the town, its buildings and personalities. The Frenzel Kaufbeuren groups were brilliant – they reached the 1st and 3rd places! Our evening activity then was Barn Dance. It was real fun and almost everyone joined in.
Other “highlights” of the week
Karaoke at Bugsys where many of us had the chance to sing like “stars”. The winners of the evening were no doubt the boys of class Z10 and V9. Their performance and their voices were amazing!

The trip to Leeds Castle, one of “the most beautiful castles in the world” where we had a guided tour and some free time afterwards to experience the parkland, the maze and the fairy grotto. For some of us – the teachers included – it was a difficult task to find the way to the middle.
On the way back to Broadstairs we stopped in Canterbury, a beautiful town with a famous cathedral, the “Ducking Stool”, the King’s School etc. After the guided tour we were allowed to do some shopping which made everybody happy. PRIMARK!

Disco in Margate! Fun but too short.

Bowling – a great activity if only there had not happenend that “little finger” accident! ;-) All’s well that ends well!

The Coastal Walk to Ramsgate – and even cooler than that – shopping at Westwood Cross!

The most outstanding highlight of the week was of course our trip to London! In the morning we made a boat trip on the river Thames and could enjoy the view of impressive biuldings like the Shard, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Brigde, the Tower of London, the Globe Thearte, the London Eye and finally the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben. After the giuded tour which took us to Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square we were allowed to discover the city on our own – an unforgetful experience!

Then it was time to start our journey back home. We all had a week full of exciting experiences and impressions we will always remember. England, we will visit you again one day!
[Angelika Folberth]